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Slide YOU BE STATE-OF-THE-ART You live a contemporary life. You are comfortable online as well as offline. You value objects for their aesthetics, and choose them with great care and affection. You expect your cigars to reflect your lifestyle.

Slide BRAND THE FUSION OF TRADITIONAL CIGAR MANUFACTURE AND MODERNIST LIFESTYLE Created in Hamburg, Germany, RVGN cigars are made to be part of a modern lifestyle. We strive for avant-garde, independent aesthetics.

To us, cigar engineering is an art.

Slide SPECIFICATIONS THE BLEND RVGN delivers only the finest hand-rolled long filler cigars, manufactured for us in the Dominican Republic.

Wrapper: Ecuador - Hybrid Seed
Binder: Dominican Republic - Criollo 98
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua & Pennsylvania, U.S.A - Piloto

The Ecuadorian hybrid seed wrapper has a reddish-brown color, a smell of chocolate, and a lightly oily finish. The Dominican Criollo 98 binder gives earthy and spicy flavors and a little bit of strength. Piloto from the Dominicans, Nicaragua and the U.S. (Pennsylvania) makes an excellent filler full of character.
Our medium-strength blend features aromas of cedar wood, alpine herbs, mint and moist forest.
These combine with hints of peat, dry leaves, coffee, ginger and sichuan pepper.

You expect cigar formats that fit with your style: sometimes classic, at times very modern, or even extravagant. Cigars that offer you a choice for your very personal and individual moment. With our five different formats there is something for your every mood:
#18 Half Corona 44 x 3,5"
#36 Short Torpedo 60 x 4"
#42 Robusto 54 x 5"
#62 Toro 58 x 6"
#64 Gran Corona 47 x 9,25"

We also measure cigars by volume in cubic centimeters.

CIGARS IMMERSED IN HERITAGE, ENGINEERED FOR THE FUTURE. Steeped in tradition, yet ground-breaking in technology. Achieving ultimate precision in aroma, taste and smoking performance. We create German Engineered Cigars. CIGARS #18 HALF CORONA 44 x 3.5"
Volume 18 cubic centimeters
MSRP US$ 4.50

#18 is the essence of our blend, compressed into a short format. It comes out a little stronger with an extra whiff of pepper. The main characteristics of our blend remain: spicy, very aromatic, and highly complex.
We call this German Engineered Sportster Cigar.
Volume 36 cubic centimeters
MSRP US$ 7.50

#36 is a rather individual format. The large ring size allows additional air to ensure that the aromas can unfold excellently. The smaller mouthpiece compresses the aromas and gives them a stronger presence on the palate.
If you seek for something special - here it is.
CIGARS #42 ROBUSTO 54 x 5"
Volume 42 cubic centimeters
MSRP US$ 9.00

The number #42 is the true origin of our brand. It is a very harmonious cigar with a very complex aroma spectrum. It invites you to discover new flavours every time. The #42 is the original German Engineered Cigar. We love it.
You'll find out very quickly why!
ZIGARREN #62 TORO 58 x 6"
Volume 62 cubic centimeters
MSRP US$ 10.00

#62 is perfectly balanced, the larger ring size fits perfectly to the blend. The aroma spectrum unfolds immediately after lighting the cigar and remains precise and pleasant until the end.

If you prefer a wide ring size, with our #62 you will find a perfectly balanced large German Engineered Cigar.
CIGARS #64 GRAN CORONA 47 x 9.25"
Volume 64 cubic centimeters
MSRP US$ 15.00

A masterpiece, a genuine Gran Corona and a great cigar. This format is extremely difficult to roll, it requires the skill and experience of a true master Torquedor. #64 is a very well balanced cigar of medium strength and an extremely intense aromatic spectrum.
We consider the Gran Corona to be the ideal format which, in combination with our Blend, makes a true flagship for our German Engineered Cigars.

Slide KENTRON #42K FUSING FORMIDABLE ENGINEERING WITH DRAMATIC AESTETICS KENTRON #42K redefines the ashtray. Our aim was to restore its original meaning: being the centrestage of an intimate cigar assembly. A place for cigars and a source of beautiful thoughts and ideas. A true cigar hub, staging high-tech and arousing emotions at the same time.

KENTRON #42K is a cigar hub surpassing all your expectations.

Slide #CIGARSTYLE YOUR PERFECT EXPERIENCE We at RVGN understand cigars as part of a modern lifestyle and as a very personal experience.

To our excellent cigars we offer you a selection of drinks and music, which in our eyes especially match our blend. On Twitter you will find under #CigarStyle an always new selection of interesting reading material. If you enjoy modern, independent and intriguing music, our music list on Spotify might be of interest for you.

Slide MUSIC MUSIC - NOT FOR THE MASSES If you enjoy modern, independent and intriguing music, our music list on Spotify might be of interest for you. We prefer music that does not disturb the tranquility of a good cigar, but that is not commonplace, either. OUR MUSIC ON SPOTIFY


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