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German Engineered Cigars partners with Illusione for U.S. and global distribution

German Engineered Cigars is proud to announce a new partnership with Illusione Cigars. Illusione will assume the complete distribution of German Engineered Cigars in the U.S. and globally, except in Europe.

Following the announcement of their partnership with Master Blender Claudio Sgroi, German Engineered Cigars takes another big step in the future development and expansion of its cigar brand.

Illusione Cigars will become the distributor of German Engineered Cigars. This includes distribution in the United States and internationally, with Europe as the only exception, due to EU-specific customs regulations and fees. German Engineered Cigars will transfer their stock to Illusione’s warehouse in Reno, NV, within the next weeks.

„Illusione is a fantastic brand, a great company, and a perfect match for us“, says Oliver Nickels, Co-Founder at German Engineered Cigars. „This partnership will give us a unique opportunity to expand the reach of our brand – by working with a highly skilled, very professional globally operating distribution team“.

„German Engineered Cigars is currently distributed in the U.S. by APS Distributors out of Miami, FL.“, added Klaas Mahler, German Engineered Cigars’ Co-Founder. „We are very grateful to Tony Serino and his team. APS helped us tremendously in building our U.S. presence. With Illusione, we want to grow beyond that, now having the opportunity to build on a strong sales team specialized in boutique cigars“.

„Mutual acquaintances led to partnership whereby illusione cigars will now be the exclusive US distributor for German Engineered cigars. Both companies are looking forward to the partnership and cannot wait to see what the future holds“, says Dion Giolito, founder of Illusione. “Oliver and Klaas are true gentleman with brilliant ideas on the horizon and we can’t wait to assist them in bringing their cigars to market through our international distribution hub“.


About German Engineered Cigars:

German Engineered Cigars was founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2015 by Jan-Klaas Mahler and Oliver Nickels. The company entered the market in Germany in 2016 and the U.S. in 2018 under the name Rauchvergnügen. In 2020, the company was re-branded German Engineered Cigars, underlining the founders’ aspiration to create new blends and expand into global cigar markets. 

German Engineered Cigars are made to be part of a modernist lifestyle. Developing exciting blends and combining traditional cigar manufacturing with modern design, we strive for superior cigars with avant-garde, independent aesthetics. To us, cigar engineering is an art.