We at RVGN understand cigars as part of a modern lifestyle that gives you a very personal experience. Even if you don’t smoke an RVGN cigar – or if you just feel like listening to a different kind of music.

To our excellent cigars we offer you a selection of drinks and music, which in our eyes especially fit to our Blend. On Twitter you will find under #CigarStyle an always new selection of interesting reading material.

If you enjoy modern, independent and intriguing music, our music list on Spotify might be of interest for you. We prefer music that does not disturb the tranquility of a good cigar, but that is not commonplace, either. Find it here on Spotify.

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Top: The flavor wheel with blue or white background. You can use the pdf for your reference, or print it in poster size to decorate your cigar lounge.

Bottom: Our catalog with details about our cigars in German and English language.

What would be the ideal company with a German Engineered Cigar? With RVGN Geprüftes Zubehör – Certified Accessories we suggest luxury drinks and other stimulants which harmonize particularly well with our blend.

RVGN Geprüftes Zubehör is also our network of local suppliers with whom we work closely together. We earn nothing by selling the accessories, for us only the network idea counts.

#CigarStyle is our Twitter hashtag and at the same time describes our world. #CigarStyle is characterized by a modern and tolerant attitude and interested in style, technology, science, architecture, elegance and music.

Follow us and discover your personal #CigarStyle!


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