RVGN is a new and modernist boutique cigar brand. Created in Hamburg, Germany, we understand cigars as part of a modern lifestyle, allowing you a very personal experience.
Along with our excellent cigars we offer you a choice of certified accessories, music, and a continuous stream of interesting articles to read.

You love a modernist lifestyle. You live online just as intensely as offline. Cigars are a special pleasure for you, which you celebrate – by yourself or with friends. You expect your cigar to fit your lifestyle. Just like everything else you choose consciously.

We create cigars in the same way we Germans engineer the best technology in the world. The result is ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance: cigars that are exciting, precise and satisfying down to the smallest details. We create German Engineered Cigars.

You expect cigar formats that fit with your style: sometimes classic, at times very modern, or even extravagant. Cigars that offer you a choice for your very personal and individual moment. With our five different formats there is something for your every mood:

#18 Half Corona 44 x 3,5″
#36 Short Torpedo 60 x 4″
#42 Robusto 54 x 5″
#62 Toro 58 x 6″
#64 Gran Corona 47 x 9,25″

RVGN delivers only the finest hand-rolled long filler cigars, manufactured for us in the Dominican Republic. The
Ecuadorian hybrid seed wrapper has a reddish-brown color, a smell of chocolate, and a lightly oily finish.The Dominican Criollo 98 binder gives earthy and spicy flavors and a little bit of strength.Piloto from the Dominicans, Nicaragua and the U.S. (Pennsylvania) makes an excellent filler full of character.

Our medium-strength blend features aromas of cedar wood, alpine herbs, mint and moist forest. These combine with hints of peat, dry leaves, coffee, ginger and sichuan pepper.

We at RVGN understand cigars as part of a modern lifestyle that gives you a very personal experience.
To our excellent cigars we offer you a selection of drinks and music, which in our eyes especially match our blend. On Twitter you will find under #CigarStyle an always new selection of interesting reading material. If you enjoy modern, independent and intriguing music, our music list on Spotify might be of interest for you.

You will find the details of RVGN Experience here.


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